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Pride of England


god save me


Did I mention I like Wade Barrett’s cape

because I really like Wade Barrett’s cape


Bad News Barrett prepares to deliver some bad news to Sin Cara.


WWE RAW (07/04/2014): #BadNewsBarrett returns to the ring and defeated Rey Mysterio after delivering his signature maneuver, The Bullhammer Elbow. 

Get To Know Me Meme [Wrestling Edition] - Favorite Wrestlers > 09/10 Wade Barrett


Even though we weren’t allowed to take videos, I did end up sneaking two.

In this one we were talking about the JBL and Cole show.

Barrett says “Cody is my partner in crime.”


I asked Barrett to do a funny pose. So he got up and said “I’m not really good at funny…But I’ll try!”


At least he didn’t use Bing to find Big Clem Layfield.


Candid pictures of Great Khali, Big Show, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, and Zeb Colter
Van Andel Arena: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jan. 21, 2014

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